Bali Nail Spa

Welcome to Bali Nail & Spa

( オンネイルは日本人ネイリストプロデュースでバリ島スミニャックに生まれた本格的ジェルネイルサロン

美しいネイルは人の気持ちを 豊かに そして華やかにしてくれます

彩り豊かな花々と 光あふれる「神々の島」 ここ バリ島での時間を 素敵なネイルで過ごしてみませんか )

 Short or brittle nails, no longer an excuse not to appear trendy. With UV Gel Extension, extension materials will be used gel to coat your natural nail. If your original nails are not long, then we will advance with acrylic coating tips.
The Nail It  & Spa  is located along the heart of the busy popular shopping and hotel area at Kuta Bali , Indonesia
Our studio  and modern decor is not only visually appealing but also emphasis the privacy of you while enjoying our services.
Our customer base consists of mainly professionals and women of leisure who are always very well-groomed. All well-groomed women today gives as much attention to the enhancement of their hands as they does to their face & hair as they are conscious that elegant and beautiful nails are a vital part of their social poise.
Come to Nail Spa like them for your nail services and leave as a woman looking both elegant and beautiful!
Our Services:

  • Stamping Nail Arts
  • Gel Nail, Gel Nail Colors, Gel Nail Extensions, Gel Nail Arts
  • Artificial Nail Arts
  • Nail Polishes
  • Hand Care
  • Foot Care
  • Refill
  • Removal