Bali Koi Tattoo

With 8 years experience, Mr. AWI is proficient in all styles of tattooing with freehand being his specialty, all at reasonable prices. We take pride in our work and our biggest reward is to see a smile on your face when you see the finished product.

Our artist is Mr. Awi,  Mr. Andrew and Mr. Made and Mr. Arta is manage  more than 8 years of experience. His work of art can be seen on our gallery.

We are Service available on e categorized Tattoo into:

  •     Balinese
  •     Tribal
  •     Maori, Tahiti, Polynesia
  •     Flash
  •     Colour
  •     Black And Grey
  •     Javanese Tattoo

Our results are always exquisite because we have one of the most experience tattoo artist. Our facilities and equipments are always clean. For your assurance we will get you to inspect and open the needle used on you. Our inks are always original and our shaver is the best.